SpringerMade was launched in January 2017 by me - Catherine Springer. I was a new mom, living 9 hours from home, in the midst of my husband's first deployment. After months of debate, I decided to take the plunge and found SpringerMade. Those early days were full of nap-time hustling and staying up until all hours of the night working on orders with friends. As of 2020, SpringerMade has moved twice, been headquartered in three different states, and has fulfilled over 2,000 orders. 

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of owning my own business. I still day dream constantly about someday owning a brick and mortar retail store, or opening a cafe, but until that day comes, SpringerMade will be here, on it's own little corner of the internet, giving me practice for someday.

SpringerMade is currently located in the greater Destin, Florida area.

Feel free to email me directly at info@shopspringermade.com with any questions or concerns.